What Clothes to Wear when having Psoriasis

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Psoriasis is a condition that mainly affects a person’s physical appearance in which it leads to psoriasis sufferers  becoming overly conscious of how they will look in the eyes of the people around them. Questions like what clothes to wear when having psoriasis get thrown around often. This article focuses on such situations and hopes to help when those flare-ups pop up.

Psoriasis Not Just an Aesthetic Issue

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that is not just skin deep. This disease not only affects the physical aspect of the person but includes the social, emotional, and psychological aspects as well.

Once the impact on other aspects of holism is not addressed meticulously, sufferers’ concerns that involve self-esteem and confidence can lead to various serious problems.

Do you feel that psoriasis is a burden you carry? Do you feel yourself having limitations on socialization, difficulties choosing your wardrobe, and problems with the discomfort your clothes contribute to your flare-ups?

As a matter of fact, you should not feel scared or ashamed with what you have. In every situation, easy or complicated, there will always be ways on how to solve things.

The Psoriasis Wardrobe

Wardrobe for Your Psoriasis

Besides taking your daily dose of regimen and cover-ups, you can top it off with your fashionable wears to help you find comfort and confidence with your skin.

But, you should know that there are fabrics that may aggravate psoriasis symptoms and you should be aware on how to choose the best fabrics for your clothes to avoid signs and symptoms flare-ups. This is a contrary to some belief that the relationship between clothing and psoriasis does not trigger any symptoms of psoriasis.

Choosing the right clothing can help prevent psoriasis flare-ups and will give you an uplift in comfort and confidence with your skin.
So, how to choose the right and comfortable wear?

Here are the following Guidelines:

Cotton fabric. Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics of all clothing. You can rarely hear complaints of discomfort from wearing cotton fabric clothes and it does not irritate any type of skin condition at all. However, you should only choose the soft and lightweight cotton and not the heavy and thick cotton cloth.

Avoid wool and synthetic clothes because they will not only irritate your skin, it can also stick to your lesions.

Loose comfort clothes. To avoid rubbing and irritation onto your plaques or lesions, it is best to wear loose and comfortable clothes.

Fragrant-free clothes. We tend to put fragrant detergent soaps or liquids on our clothes while we’re doing our laundry. However, in some cases, we should avoid using them when dealing with person who suffers in a sensitive skin condition. It is best to use unscented liquid soaps/detergents for they have an easy dissolving properties and non-irritant chemicals.

Light-colored clothes. Of course it is refreshing and comfortable when wearing light-colored clothing. Its sole purpose is to help minimize your plaques redness and t easily hides your scales or flakes.

It’s a fact and we can’t deny that it affects our physical appearance. However, in every situation, we can always find a way on how to solve our problems.

In order to achieve your ultimate goal for an optimal health, it would be best to know your body, learn about your psoriasis and triggers, follow your daily regimen or treatment, avoid things or food that can trigger symptoms and choose only the best and comfortable wears to continually live happy and confident even with psoriasis.


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  1. Linda Rettich says:

    I would like to know if there is any research being done on new types of fabrics and clothing patterns that would help child psoriasis sufferers? With all of our new technology this would be a great area to investigate.
    Thanks for any help that you could give me beyond the basics of light colors, loose fit and cotton or silk.


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