How To Get Rid of Psoriasis – The Natural Way

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Psoriasis is a life-long auto-immune disorder that requires immediate attention especially during periods of “flare up”. Though medical treatment comes as a priority, there are also natural ways to get rid of psoriasis during the flare up. This article highlights some tips on how to get rid of psoriasis; the natural way.

how to get rid of psoriasisPsoriasis is a skin disease that results from white blood cells acting strangely and dysfunctional which  causes unnatural inflammation and rapid overturn of skin cells characterized by itchy, painful, thick and red skin patches with white scales.
A positive family history of psoriasis is more likely to develop the disease. While cold weather, infections, injury and stress may prompt the disease to flare-up.

Medical treatment

There are certain medications that cause psoriasis to trigger such as beta blockers and antimalarial drugs.

Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor if you experience symptoms of Psoriasis to avoid additional injury or worsening of the symptoms.

There are standard medications for psoriasis including topical corticosteroids, synthetic vitamin D, light therapy, oral and injection medications.

But, in hopes of some relief, there are those who eagerly seek and explore alternative treatments and remedies to get rid of psoriasis the natural way.

How to Get rid of Psoriasis naturally

  1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Diet rich in omega-3 has inflammation-fighting benefits found naturally in fish and flaxseed that helps improve symptoms of Psoriasis.
  2. Aloe VeraIn a 2009 research study, it is found out that Aloe Vera-based cream is more effective than triamcinolone acetonide—corticosteroid in reducing symptoms of Psoriasis.
  3. Capsaicin Cream. Capsaicin is applied topically; it gives off hot chili pepper kick that relieves symptoms of itchiness. It may produce burning sensation in your few applications; just make sure to wash your hands after your application.

In easing symptoms of Psoriasis, the following self-care strategies help relieve symptoms of Psoriasis:

  • Daily baths with colloidal  oatmeal or Epsom salts added to the water
  • Daily use of moisturizer or ointment
  • Moderation of alcohol consumption or not at all
  • Stress management—relaxing exercises such as yoga or meditation
  • Monitor Diet—there might have been no solid evidence for food making Psoriasis worse or better, but, cutting certain foods such as sugar, white flour and caffeine has been claimed improvement from people with Psoriasis.

Though there is no single, fast and easy way of getting rid of Psoriasis from simple home remedies; thus maintaining a healthy lifestyle and precautions is always sensible to avoid flare-ups and discomforts.


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