How Psoriasis Affects The Quality of Life

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Psoriasis is a serious life-long skin condition that greatly affects a person’s self image and the way he is seen by others. People suffering from psoriasis at times feel that society itself and even the people around them understands the negative impact of psoriasis on their life

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75% of patients believed that psoriasis had moderate to large negative impact on their quality of life according to a National Psoriasis Foundation survey

60% of patients are missing an average of 26 days a year directly related to their psoriasis

51% feel colleagues act as if something is wrong with them because of the way they look

38% feel their partner finds them unattractive as a result of their condition

35% of patients with moderate to severe psoriasis are members of more than one online community

22% feel depressed due to disturbances in self –image and self-confidence

20% of psoriasis patients had contemplated suicide

16% feel psoriasis held them back in terms of their performance with their job

These numbers show that there is still a need to promote awareness and serious attention to persons with psoriasis as they are part of OUR society after all.

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