“Psoriasis does Not Define Me, I Define It”– An Interview with Alisha Bridges

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Alisha Bridges is the owner of her own blog site called  Beingmeinmyownskin.com and currently is an active supporter of National Psoriasis Foundation.
She has been diagnosed with psoriasis when she was a teenager and had experienced a lot of struggles and adjustments growing up with this chronic skin condition.
Eventually she had found ways to deal with her psoriasis and overcome the obstacles she had faced.

Alisha Bridges

Do you find that the weather affects your Psoriasis? Are you in an area with a cooler climate?
Weather affects my psoriasis greatly! Cold weather dries my skin out and makes it difficult to keep it moisturized. I am currently living in Georgia, although it does not get as cold as where I grew up in Michigan, it does get very chilly here.

What type of psoriasis do you usually have? Have you experienced any other types aside from what you usually have? How do you deal with it?

Most doctors would say I have an interesting form of psoriasis. My body is 90% covered and is a cross between guttate and plaque psoriasis. I have a variety of ways I deal with it. When it comes to taking care of my psoriasis I make sure to stay moisturized and to use topicals prescribed by the doctor. I try not to scratch, but it is extremely hard not to at times.

From a social aspect, I try to talk about psoriasis by incorporating it in everyday conversation without it being awkward. The sooner I can tell someone about my psoriasis, the better I feel. Talking about it prevents people from coming up with their own conclusions on what is on my skin.

How does psoriasis affect your activities of daily living? How do you cope up with this kind of experience?

Psoriasis use to affect my daily living tremendously, but now that I’m older and more comfortable with my skin it’s not as big as a problem. If I want to do something but psoriasis might mentally stop me, I simply find ways to still do what I want to do, but comfortably.

For example… This past summer I was invited to a pool party. I didn’t want to wear just a swim suit alone, especially since there would be people there I didn’t know.
In the past I would have just not gone to the party, but this time I was determined to go, but feel comfortable. I wore a swim suit with a long beach skirt and a mesh top. I looked summery but continued to be comfortable.

Sometimes it’s hard to do things that will cause you to show off your skin, but I am learning not to force myself to do things that make me uncomfortable, but to find ways around it until I can do it with ease.

Do you use prescribed medications to manage your flare-up? May we ask what medications you are using? How is your psoriasis responding to the medications?

Right now I am using topical steroids, but I can only use them for a certain length of time before I have to take a break. My skin clears up when using the medicine, but when I have to discontinue them my skin breaks out to it’s worst state in a matter of days.

Any good advice you can give to other people who are constantly battling with psoriasis?

Find a support group. If you can’t find a physical support group in your area there are many groups online and mentors through the National Psoriasis Foundation that can help you get through the stress of having psoriasis.

How different is your life now compared with the time before you joined with the psoriasis advocacy.

My life is completely different since joining the National Psoriasis Foundation. Before joining I was ashamed to talk about my condition because was afraid of what people would think. The NPF has given me the tools to speak about my psoriasis without shame.
I also realized that there are other people in the world like me who are willing to offer support. Before my advocacy I felt alone.

What activities that involve psoriasis awareness are you involved with? Any particular activity in the near future?

I am currently involved with the Community Ambassadors with the National Psoriasis Foundation. I am the contact person in GA for people with psoriasis. It is also my responsibility to reach out to law makers to advocate for funding for psoriasis research.
I am attempting to plan a fundraiser here in GA and I am currently looking for sponsors to help me with the event. And last but not least, I just announced the winner of the Being Me in My Own Skin Scholarship! (October 29th)

Alisha Bridges


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