Dealing with Depression Associated with Psoriasis

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Psoriasis has all kinds of effects to a person. Two aspects affected by having psoriasis are your social and emotional sides; and these may lead to self-pity and eventually depression.

Depression Due To Psoriasis

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Overcome that Depression

Here are some tips on dealing with depression associated with psoriasis:
1.   Identify and accept you have depression – Do a self-assessment and check if you can observe the following signs and symptoms of depression:

  • Feel sad and unhappy
  • Sleep changes
  • Loss or decreased focus
  • Decreased energy
  • Changes in appetite
  • Thoughts of suicide or self injury
  • Detached social life (friends and family)
  • Prefers to be alone
  • Poor work performance

2.   Take control of your psoriasis – Proper management and treatment may lead to improvement of your condition and your quality of life.
3.   See your physician and psychologist regularly – You may need them when you are struggling coping up with psoriasis and the effects it brings to your social and emotional aspects of your life.
4.   Educate yourself about psoriasis – Gain the necessary information to boost your self-confidence by knowing what you are up against. Use your knowledge to educate people around you if possible.
5.   Seek and strengthen your support group – Talking with people who understand and have experiences in dealing with psoriasis.

  • Talk to close friends who understands you.
  • talk to people who also has psoriasis
  • There are lots of people you can talk to online like social networks and online forums.

Psoriasis is indeed a tough condition to overcome, but definitely it is not impossible. Always keep in mind that it is YOU who have the power to keep this condition at bay. Keep on fighting and never give up!

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