Tips for Teenagers with Psoriasis

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Psoriasis in teenagers may somehow be classified as a critical case. We all know that psoriasis sufferers are mainly affected physically and aesthetically; and as a teenager in search for identity and roles  in this dynamic world, they might be also compromised in the social and behavioral aspects which can affect their growing up years in becoming an adult. This article is dedicated to serve as a guide and give tips for teenagers with psoriasis.

A Period of Extreme Changes

Teenager starting to have flare upsThe teenage years (13-19) is a period characterized by various and extreme physical changes. It is a turbulent period where everything is growing and changing so fast. Physical attributes, emotional changes, socialization, and constant adjustments are examples of highlights of this dynamic period.

Moreover, this is also the period where skin breakout is very common due to some changes in hormone levels. Common skin changes like changing of the skin’s texture, appearance, moisture,growing of hair in previously barren parts, and even pimples are all brought about by hormonal changes.

We cannot deny the fact that some people will always have that different and indifferent looks once they see some things that are beyond the normal appearance of a person. And a change in a teenager’s body is already stressful enough for them to mind other people’s opinion. So, to lessen your baggage of worries, looking after your skin should be one of our main goals. This does not call for an acceptance to the society, but, you are doing this step for yourself and as well as to your health.

For your daily dose of medication, here are some lists of regimen and guidelines that you can do at home that will help control psoriasis flare-ups and various symptoms.

Guides and Tips

  • Use emollient regularly. After taking a shower, daily moisturizing with the use of softening creams can help your skin stay supple and smooth and helps avoid psoriasis flare-ups.
  • Use prescribed treatments regularly. Usually, prescribed treatments might take up to 3 months (on a regular use) to see how effective it is. Nonetheless, continuous use of your prescribed medication will help control any various symptoms. Some medications might show good result within 3-6 weeks time.
  • Use camouflage creams. This type of cream can help lessen your plaques’ redness and makes it less noticeable.

Keep Your Head Up

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that you would be carrying for life. But, it doesn’t mean you won’t be living like a normal person anymore. This condition would just require some adjustments and additional tasks for you to do and observe. Managing it is like any normal person’s tasks to keep the body well and fit. Taking care of the flare-ups promptly and avoiding the triggers of flare-ups would definitely help keep your life as normal as possible.

Besides from your daily dose tips, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Do not stop from doing the things that you like, go out and have fun
  • Do not hide and withdraw yourself from the people that surrounds you
  • Do not take rejections personally
  • Ignore discrimination—it is due to lack of knowledge and information
  • Educate yourself about psoriasis.

For teenagers with this kind of skin condition, it is normal to feel scared and shy. Some people just don’t understand your situation because they are not aware and well informed of your skin condition and it is best to ignore them. Do not stress yourself over the things that will not help improve your health.

You are not alone in your battles; you can always consult your parents and support groups  for emotional and psychosocial stability.It would also be of great help to visit your doctor regularly.


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